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Bursting on the scene with our Soulfoo Food Bar, fusing African, Black American and Caribbean cuisines we soon realised our burger was a hit. Confirmed when Chef Brian Moyo’s Soulfoo Philly Cheeseburger “Jerked Burger” snared a spot in the finals of the 2018 National Burger Awards. With a hit like that, we knew our future was patty shaped. We are the 'Bad Boys Burgers' OGs but we decided to move on and became the Moyos Burgers. Bad to the bun, brothers for life and always connected to our Soulfoo roots.

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Our Favourites

Moyo Vegan Burger


A combination of earthly ingredients; plantain, cassava, green lentils, gungo beans, red kidney beans, onion, garlic and cajun spices, lettuce, rocket, tomato, homemade avocado herb sauce and vegan mayo

Soulfoo Philly Cheesburger


Chef. Brian Moyo’s signature burger and 2018 National Burger Awards Finalist. Stuffed with a jerk paste and mild cheddar cheese centre, served with rocket, carrot, soulslaw, tomato, sweet chilli and chipotle sauce

Jerk Chicken Burger


Fresh chicken breast marinated in home made jerk paste, cajun spices, lettuce, rocket, tomato, mayo and chipotle sauce

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